Spotlights with LED

LED awning spotlights are atmospheric, efficient and remote control

Awnings with LED lights built in are available from Elegant - although LED spotlights can be added as a separate accessory with all our patio awnings.

"Moonlight drowns out all but the Brightest Stars." - J.R.R. Tolkien

Awnings with spotlights allow endless hours of pleasure after the sun goes down, with LED lights your awning casts a perfect mood lighting for enjoying alfresco dining at any time - making evening gatherings or family barbecues even more special. furthermore, with LED lights having an electrical efficiency many times better than incandescent or fluorescent lamps, patio awnings with spotlights are now more environmental than ever.


Customers find that, with LED lights consuming far less energy, fitting our awnings with spotlights doesn't impact on electricity bills. LED lights also last much longer, therefore spotlights rarely need to be replaced, designed to provide more than a decade of maintenance free service. Less servicing also reduces environmental impact.

Awnings with spotlights

Awnings with Spotlights

Accessory spotlights will attach underside some awning models, or can be wall fixed directly below. Neatly sized to suit, and powder coated to match, at Elegant we create a singular looking finish with these accessory lights looking virtually just as integrated as awnings with spotlights built-in.

Retro-fittable with two design shapes to choose from, and with spotlights being our most popular accessory, if you previously missed out including LED lights with your Elegant Awning then ask about adding them today. To see its potential for your home view our movie showing a variety of awnings with spotlights fitted.

Awning with spotlights
With spotlights & end lights

Awnings with LED lights at their front

A chic alternative to spotlights are modern LED lights installed along the front profile. Awnings with LED lights at the front have a contemporary and innovative look, casting light up the fabric canopy rather than down your wall.

Front LED's can be fitted to some of our pato awnings with spotlights also installed along your wall - giving illumination from both sides. These LED lights can also have a diffuser, creating softer lighting, taking the form of a continuous single light bar rather than a dotted line of individual LED lamps. See two images below illustrating exposed or continuous diffused.

LED lights to front profile
With LED lights diffused
• Accessory Spotlights •
Elegant LED spotlights come in two design shapes
Elegant accessory LED spotlights come in two design shapes to choose from.
Spotlights which look seamlessly integrated
We can fit awnings with spotlights which look seamlessly integrated.
A Touch of Luxury
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• Testimonial •
Spotlights have really put a hat on it and your awning has made such a difference over the patio area. Mr A. Lee

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